Health & Safety

Your Travel Agent will recommend adequate Travel Health Insurance

It is important to always consider the health and safety of yourself and your fellow travellers when travelling. Travel Health Insurance is highly recommended for all travel outside of your home province or territory. Without adequate Travel Health Insurance, medical care in other countries and even within certain parts of Canada may not be covered by your own healthcare plan or by your credit card. Treatment out of Canada can be extremely expensive and can be denied unless the traveller proves that he or she has adequate health insurance coverage. Your ACTA Travel Agent will have all the resources required to make sure you are covered before you leave.


Travellers should take the additional step to research current news and advisories of the destination they will be visiting.  We also recommend that Travellers read customer reviews and any government bulletins, issued by Foreign Affairs Canada. Travellers should be informed of local regulations and what you can pack in your luggage and how to pack to satisfy security requirements. There also are costs and time delays associated with security procedures which should be understood by all travellers. Your ACTA Travel Agent will have the knowledge and access to the pertinent details that make sure you are informed before your departure.

The following are additional resources for information on health and safety topics of interest to Canadians travelling outside of the country: