Find a Professional ACTA Travel Agent

Finding a Travel Agency and Travel Agent that you can trust is just a key part of your travel experience.

Here are a few tips to help you find a qualified professional:

1. Find a Professional ACTA Member Travel Agent using ACTA's Travel Directory.

2. Ask the Travel Agent if they are an ACTA Member or look for the window decal displayed in their office or on their website.  ACTA Members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards that supports an elevated level of professionalism. This ensures that consumers who work with an ACTA Member Travel Agent will receive professional, meaningful and ethical travel counselling services.

3. Travel Agents invest in their career. Our ACTA Member Travel Agents attend industry conferences and consistently participate in professional development training opportunities to keep abreast of travel industry trends and updates. Many of ACTA's Travel Agent Members carry the professional designation of Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) which further displays their commitment to professionalism and their career.

4. Travel Agents make it personal. So much goes into planning a wonderful and memorable vacation: transportation, lodging, activities and tours. An ACTA Travel Agent has the knowledge and the skills to personalize your vacation planning to  ensure that your holiday is built specifically for you and your travelling companions.

5. Travel Agents care. They listen, suggest, adjust, understand and become a friend...not just a search engine or an anonymous voice. They are there for you before, during and after your trip.

6. Your Travel Agent is your advocate.  Despite the best travel planning, should you have a problem during your travels, your ACTA Member Travel Agent will act on your behalf to ensure concerns are addressed and your vacation gets back on track.

7. Know if you have enhanced consumer protection. If you reside in B.C., Ontario or Quebec, also look for the consumer regulator's logo, that signifies that you are protected under enhanced Provincial consumer protection laws.

8. We’re here to help. Since 1977, ACTA has been working alongside most of Canada's most well known and reputable Travel Agencies and Travel Agents. Should you have any questions or require additional assistance in finding a professional Travel Agent please contact us.