Why I Value My Travel Agent Contest

On May 6 2015, in the spirit of Travel Agent Day, the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) introduced "Why I Use My Travel Agent Contest" sponsored by WestJet. ACTA encouraged its members to solicit their clients for testimonials to share why they use a Travel Agent, and the value that their Travel Agent provides them when travel planning. Each testimonial submitted was eligible to win a pair of air only tickets anywhere WestJet flies. A pair for the participating Travel Agent and a pair for their client who wrote the testimonial. The contest closed on July 31, 2015. All testimonials submitted can be seen below.

On behalf of ACTA and WestJet we are happy to announce the winner of the 'Why I Use My Travel Agent Contest" as Marilyn Shalma of New Wave Travel in Toronto, Ontario and her client who submitted the testimonial, Brian Nixon of Toronto, Ontario. Marilyn and Brian were informed of their recent luck and a visit to Marilyn's office was setup to present them with their prizes. Photographed below Fiona Bowen, ACTA ON Regional Manager, and Matt Djorsev, WestJet Agency Sales, Ontario and Manitoba were on hand to share the moment with the happy winners. Click here to view Brian's Testimonial.


 New Wave Travel | Toronto, Ontario

Does your travel website do all this? From time to time, well-meaning friends tell me about their favourite travel website, and ask if I use it for bookings. If I were to consolidate these conversations, my response would be something like this... Read more.

Brian Nixon | Toronto, ON

Canada One Travel | Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have worked with my Travel Agent for decades. She is always available, immediately responsive, and always honest. As travel services are mostly a commodity, the difference is service. My Travel Agent is superb.

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Leone

CAA Atlantic Canada | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Through the personal and valued relationship we enjoy with our Travel Agent, we have confidence in knowing help is simply a phone call away should the need arise! This level of comfort and assurance is only available through the valued professional service of a Travel Agent!

Rona Smith | Charlottetown, PE

Maritime Travel | Lethbridge, Alberta

I wish to express my gratitude for the way my Travel Agent has made travelling much easier and worry free for my wife and I. She has organized business travel as well as pleasure travel for us both and we commend her for the way she has handled all our travel needs. Organizing our flights and our accommodations for us as well as providing us with assistance when needed during our trip has made our experiences with her very gratifying and as a result we have recommended her to a number of our friends and business associates.

Jerry and Judy Lammond | Lethbridge, AB

Top Of The World Travel | Inuvik, Northwest Territories

I love my Travel Agent.  For the past 20 years she has booked all of my personal travel hassle free.  When I want to travel or need an opinion on travel issues I just pick up the phone and call her.  Not only is she my Travel Agent, but a travelling companion as well.  She has saved me countless hours of research on the computer.  I would never think of booking a ticket without her.

Diane McPhee | Inuvik, NT

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I have booked with my Travel Agent for many years, and she has saved my vacations from mishap many times!

A few years ago I was flying to Denver from Saskatoon to join another Bus Tour and there was a bad storm that canceled the flights to Denver. At 5:00 am I was told at that airport that I should just go home and try to reschedule a flight later. I called my Agent at 5:00 am, woke her up of course, and she told me not to leave the airport, but to check with another airline to see if they would be able to me fly out as I needed to be in Denver in time to meet up with my Bus Tour. My agent had advised me to go a day early just in case....! I am glad she did because as everyone else was leaving the airport, I managed to get another flight that finally got me to Denver with time to spare before the Bus Tour started!

My Travel Agent has always gone above and beyond for me and any of my friends that have booked with her! No question goes unanswered, and I always know that she will do everything that she can to make sure my trips are successful! Read more...

Janice Paterson | Saskatoon, SK

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Montréal, Quebec

I wanted to thank you, my Travel Agent, very much for your help in booking my trip to Miami. It was simple and you were quick and efficient. It was a headache trying to look for a place online and compare prices. Being able to come and see you and having you take care of it was great. We need more Travel Agents like you! I will definitely be referring you to my colleagues and friends. Thank you again!

Sheena | Montréal, QC

Marlin Travel Brampton | Brampton, Ontario

The BEST Team.. Always super helpful, friendly and more than willing to assist you with any questions or concerns. Super happy with all the vacations we have booked through Marlin Travel Brampton as it has been nothing but easy. Great group of people with excellent advice and experiences to share. Thank you!!!!!

Well done team Brampton!

Brampton, ON

Merit Travel | Halifax, Nova Scotia

I have only booked one trip with my Travel Agent, but I know that I have found my her for life (or as long as she does this). She is super-efficient, which I really like, I hate feeling like my time is wasted. She also really does go the extra mile for her clients and makes you feel like you are always on her mind, no matter what. When we flew back from Cuba, our flight was rerouted, due to the plane accident on the runway in Halifax. When we landed in Montreal, I turned on my cell phone. Everyone was so surprised when I said I had an email from my Travel Agent, checking in, seeing if we were okay, no one else had gone so far above and beyond! When I complained about some of the service from Air Transat the next day she was immediately there to help me contact them and she got me and my mother a 100 dollar credit! She truly does as much as she can to help you and is super aware of her clients and their needs. Above that she has an amazing love for travel. I really love that she is out traveling, living and having so many adventures. She knows firsthand about traveling and can really give you real life, experienced tips.

Laurie Burns | Halifax, NS

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

Three years ago 12 of us wanted to go on a Caribbean vacation, but not having the travel experience were overwhelmed.  Since our group was so large and had so many different wants and needs we decided to go to Total Paradise in Dauphin to help us determine a good fit.  Each year our group grows, this past spring reaching 22; it is virtually headache free for us we all love being able to use our Travel Agent for booking our trips.  She is personable, listens to our needs and concerns, and is honest and open which we highly appreciate. She gives us different date and location options, looks for the best deals, is always available for questions by phone, email, or in person, and asks follow up questions after our trips for improvement opportunities.  More than once we had to add people to our group and she never flinched – even though it was so often last minute!  Just this year I asked if I could upgrade from a single to double occupancy, that was all I had to tell her and she did the rest – she contacted the resort, the airway provider, and took care of all the details.  All we have to worry about is whether to bring five swimsuits or six!

We have used our Travel Agent exclusively for three years now and have always been pleased with her professionalism, efficiency, and shared passion for travel - that is why we will continue to use an ACTA Travel Agent for our trip needs.

Nicole Stykalo | MB

TPI Magical Trips | St. John's, Newfoundland

Two summers ago, I didn't think we would be having a family vacation. My husband was quite busy at work, and time was not on our side for travelling. Then, I had the most wonderful phone call from our Travel Agent. "Nancy, can you have everyone ready to go in 10 days?" I was writing report cards and finishing up the school year!! My panic time, but she explained she and Andrew had found a small window to get our family out of here! Not only that, but she had booked us in for Disney at our favorite hotel, Universal to stay on site at Hard Rock, and Lego Land! My boys were soooo excited, as was I! She had kept files of our other vacations and knew all our favorite restaurants to dine at! She had our days planned around those. She truly did have all our favorites included. It was such a wonderful and last minute surprise, and everything planned exactly how we like it, if not BETTER, with nothing at all to worry about! Our transitions from resort to resort, flights and car rentals, all PERFECT! Read more..

Nancy Corbett | St. John's, NL

Marlin Travel | Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

Our Travel Agent has booked our travel for over ten years, for corporate and personal, domestic and international, points and paid.  He is a pleasure to work with and we feel confident that he is working on our behalf.  A good Travel Agent is an invaluable resource.  He fits that bill.

Joan | Vancouver, BC 

Canada One Travel | Winnipeg, Manitoba

My Travel Agent is knowledgeable and highly efficient in her ability to find what you want for when you want it. She finds ways to get you what you want when you think it's not possible. What more could you ask!

President at Simon Hiebert Financial Services Inc.

Canada One Travel | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Just so you know, we greatly appreciate how you care for us!

The train connections from Brussels to here went exactly as you said. Very smooth. We had a little extra time after the first short ride but it really helped to settle us into this trip, just as you suggested.
All connections went well and we greatly enjoyed the countryside.

Upon arrival in Basel we took a cab and asked to go to the Victoria Hotel, he looked up and said, we are there! Very nice, right outside the main train station yet very pleasant and quite—well done. (Kind of like arriving in Winnipeg at the main train station and asking a cab to take us to the Hotel Fort Garry) We had dinner in the hotel restaurant last night, fresh, in season asparagus and other local dishes—wow, wow!! Today we anticipate boarding the River Boat for our cruise on the Rhine ending in Amsterdam. Again, we are very grateful for your care and concern.

God bless!

David Kehler | Pastor, Calvary Chapel

Top Of The World Travel | Inuvik, Northwest Territories

I book with my Travel Agent because I know I can depend on her for quality service, reasonable rates, and a personal touch on my reservations.  My ACTA Agent is the epitomy of a great agent, she takes all of my requests or questions and tries to find me the best available flights in the way of both timelines and pricing.  I know when I call my agent she will provide me with fast efficient services and if there are any problems that may arise she warns me, and follows up on my reservations after the booking is made. When I book through her I have complete confidence that my ticket is booked correctly and that I am getting the greatest value for my dollar.  

Natasha Kulikowski | Inuvik, NT

Top Of The World Travel | Inuvik, Northwest Territories

I value my Travel Agent because she has been our Travel Agent for 30 years or more.  Her Customer Service far exceeds any other Travel Agent I have dealt with over the years. When I got married in Hawaii, she booked everyone's travel.  There were about 30 of us, and it was wonderful.  I learned how to travel as well thanks to her. Most important is that I trust her, and know that she has gotten me the best fare possible.  She knows how I travel and she is excellent. When I return for a trip she wants to know how it went, were there any problems. I could go on and on...she is the best at what she does.

 Laurie Pielak | Inuvik, NT

Maritime Travel | Lethbridge, Alberta

Our Travel Agent was highly recommended by our in-laws.  Normally we book our travel using air miles, but on this occasion we had to collaborate with another couple so it seemed easier to use a Travel Agent.  She crossed checked all flights in and out of country and even had all connecting flights in Europe booked to coincide.  This past winter we booked our flights to Asia using air miles which worked okay until Air Canada was not able to book flights within Thailand and also to Vietnam and within Vietnam.  This was a new experience for our Travel Agent, but she booked all our inter country flights and made sure we had ample time within the flights to make sure we would meet all flights - we were flying with four different airlines.  Once in Thailand we were told to book our shuttle service from the Vietnam airport in Dang to our resort in Hoi An.  She accomplished this for us within twenty-four hours via computer services.   We knew we had to have a visa for Vietnam and she recommended and forwarded the visa forms to us and helped us with any questions we had while filing the forms. She removed any reservation we had about traveling in Asia and just knowing she’s just an e-mail away if we had any questions.  Thank you for a worry free month long holiday!

Earl and Nancy Flaman | Lethbridge, AB

Maritime Travel | Lethbridge, Alberta

We use a Travel Agent so our trip will run more smoothly and we have someone to solve any problems that may arise. It gives us peace of mind.

We chose our Travel Agent because she is very professional and personal. Her office is always clean and well organized. She is very prompt at answering phone calls or emails that may even be a weird question, but she always answers quickly. She is willing to listen to your idea and also offer recommendations. When you pick up your documents everything is very well organized and in order. We have also had some nice surprises when we arrive at our destination - a gift from our Travel Agent!! She will contact us after we arrive home from our trip to see how we enjoyed it and any highlights . We are very happy with the high quality of service we get from our Travel Agent.

Beverly Barr | Pincher Creek, AB

Maritime Travel | Lethbridge, Alberta

I book my trips with Maritime Travel in Lethbridge, AB. I know people who have planned trips without using an Agent and even though they don't like to admit it, they've had really bad experiences that cost them dearly and made the whole vacation a nightmare. Maritime Travel doesn't charge me any fees when I book my vacation package, so why would I frustrate myself by booking online?

Not only is my Travel Agent caring and knowledgeable, but she really makes my trip planning fun - and that's what trips are supposed to be: FUN! She has the most amazing sense of humour and keeps me laughing.

I know I'm in good hands with my Travel Agent, from start to finish she looks after me so well.

Mike Cameron | Crossfield, AB

Custom Travel Solutions | Calgary, Alberta

Simply put, my Travel Agent is my trusted advisor for all things travel.  The depth of industry knowledge, support, advice and recommendations that he provides are simply second to none. He is unquestionably the most professional, well-informed Agent we have ever dealt with.  From pre-trip planning, through finalization, then during and after the trip, he is totally on top of everything.  His attention to detail is superb with everything spelled out and itemized.  There is never any question that something will slip through the cracks.  There is great comfort knowing that he is constantly monitoring the arrangements pre, during and post trip.  We are consistently amazed at the high service level we receive that regularly exceeds our expectations.  We go nowhere else for our travel needs and can trust the superior level of service, period. The greatest compliment that I can give, however, is that I have and will continue to recommend him without hesitation to all my friends and colleagues for their travel requirements.

Gordon Warner | Ottawa, ON

Travel Only | Québec

Our Travel Agent at Travel Only is outstanding.  She was a real lifesaver when we lost a passport on a trip to Ireland.  We will continue to use her services for any future travel!!

Shannon Powell | Québec

Travel Only | Québec

We've only been using our Travel Agents services for the last 4 years, but we've always been happy with the time and effort she puts in to ensure we have a great trip. She's helped us find several destinations across North and Central America and I was always impressed with the number of local experts she knows on a first-name basis ....wherever we chose to go. Thank you very much for all your help!

Aaron | Québec

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

There aren’t enough words to describe my Travel Agent, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engaging, organized, passionate and extremely pleasant. He makes you feel special. He provides undivided attention to you and the details of the trip. He has an excellent sense of self. He is well balanced, focused and is intent on making each one of my trips a “Trip To Remember”. I feel like he could be my son, family – He Cares.

Judy | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

We wish to express our appreciation for all the hard work our Travel Agent has done and continues doing for us. He is the best of the best, his dedication and attention to details and much more are some of the reasons why we continue to seek his advice with all of our travel arrangements.

Transat is very fortunate to have him as an employee. Our Travel Agent is a great ambassador to the travel industry.

Andre & Celine | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

This is not only a Thank You, This is a WOW! Our Travel Agent really went above and beyond. He is great.

Carriere Family | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

We cannot thank our Travel Agent enough for all his help in planning our honeymoon! We had a blast! We are so happy he was a part of our special day!

Mel Casey | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

Thank you for making this special time in our lives so easy for us! Couldn’t have done it without our Travel Agent!

Erin Simon | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

My Travel Agent’s expertise and kindness is greatly appreciated. His thoughtfulness means so much. Thank you.

Francoise | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

We would like to thank our Travel Agent for everything! We’ve really appreciated all the work he put into planning our Destination Wedding. We’re sorry for having to cancel. Thank you for getting us our deposit back! All-in-all, he has made the entire experience so easy.

Christine Brad | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

Our Sincere thanks go to our Travel Agent for such excellent service, with gratitude.

Mona Danny | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for the service provided by my Travel Agent from Transat Distribution Canada, Place d'Orleans.

My wife and I recently returned from Punta Cana, where we celebrated our destination wedding. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do business with our Travel Agent, who took ALL of the stress out of the organization of the trip, and gave us complete confidence in the 1 year period leading up to our trip. He was extremely polite, professional, courteous, and patient with us as we continuously bounced our "rookie traveller" questions off him. He came through with every request that we made, and explained things to us in a direct way that made sense. I am a senior manager with a large retailer, and I know how difficult it is to find such trustworthy employees that do such an incredible job in representing your brand...He did just that. It goes without saying that this trip meant everything to us, and we are so grateful for having our Travel Agent as a memorable part of our overall experience. My wife Tracey and I were actually mentioning how we are somewhat disappointed that we no longer have a reason to be exchanging emails with him anymore (now that the trip is complete), and we are actually jealous and envious of his current clients who have the luxury of dealing with him! We WILL go out of our way to do business with him again, regardless of where we live. I am confident that this is not the first compliment that he will have receive, and I can assure you that if he continues offering this level of service, it will not be the last time we hear about it.

Eric & Tracey | Orléans, ON

Transat Travel | Orléans, Ontario

Thank you to my Travel Agent. Organizing travel for people is your passion. It has been a real pleasure to deal with him.

Claude & Diane | Orléans, ON

Marlin Travel | Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

My Travel Agent is a very, very professional and talented consultant in my opinion. I didn't use travel agency services for years but a started a year and a half ago just to see if I can get a different result in my searches for vacations etc. I was blown away! My Travel Agent has been excellent to deal with. Prompt and courteous and very pleasant. She also has consistently managed to save me money over doing my own bookings online. Such a great pleasure. As a result of my 2014 bookings I will always go to her for my travel. I am very satisfied with her skills and service. On many occasions I have recommended her services to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Mike McLachlan | Whitehorse, YT

Marlin Travel | Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

I have been working with my Travel Agent for many years now, he has lots of experience in his field. He always try to get me the best prices possible. Booking travel is his business so he knows a lot more about it than I do. I have full confidence in his ethics, his honesty and his knowledge. When I am leaving for my travel I know that everything has been taken care of. I even get a phone call from him when I come back home after my trip to find out how things where! And you ask me why I consult a Travel Agent?

Hélène Lapensée | Orléans, ON

Custom Travel Solutions | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is phenomenal, actually he’s irreplaceable! His attention in detail to my needs has bound us together for more than 25 years. I fly likely 75,000 miles per year to all portions of the globe, but particularly in the Arctic, not a region in which travel is easy and in which disruption by appalling weather and broken planes is common. My Travel Agent rescues me from seemingly irretrievable situations. My three kids rely upon him as well. My daughter Elanor, 10 years old at the time, flew unaccompanied from Ottawa to Singapore. He called her in Vancouver and Seoul and guided her through gate and plane changes! Before personal GPS there was our Travel Agent.

Terry Fenge | Ottawa, ON

TPI Travel Professionals International | Winnipeg, Manitoba

In October 2013, I wanted to take my husband on a trip for his 40th birthday. Being new to travel, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been on a plane let alone a vacation. My husband had never traveled outside Canada and only traveled for work. I contacted my Travel Agent from Travel Professionals International when I was thinking of what I wanted to do and from there, everything went smoothly. She booked our 7 day cruise, pre cruise hotel, transfers, insurance and flights. She even called me at night to let me know of a seat sale for flights, which I thought was great of her, given it was after hours and she didn't have to. We got a great sale, that there, excels customer service to me. From the moment we left until the time we arrived home, everything was wonderful. We had no idea what to expect being our first vacation, but any questions I had, no matter what they were, our Travel Agent answered them. Without her, I don't think we could have had the magical trip we did. She made our first vacation the best.

Karen Bonnell | St. John’s, NL

Keystone Travel | North Bay, Ontario

My son and his friend decided that they wanted to back pack Europe.  I offered to assist them with any of the planning process, however I have not travelled in some time so wasn’t sure if I was the best person.  My co-worker suggested that I contact her Travel Agent, at Keystone Travel.  She did indicate that she was more involved with corporate trael as opposed to personal travel, but that she was certain that she could point me in the right direction.

The four of us met about a month ago and went through some preliminary planning, and were feeling very comfortable with moving forward with our Travel Agent. She shared some personal stories of her travels in Europe which was beneficial for the boys, she provided some safety suggestions which we all appreciated, and was all around very professional. She provided recommendations that we would not have been aware of or considered.

After several travel changes, due to the circumstances of the boys, travel plans were finalized last week. The four of us met again yesterday, with our Travel Agent thoroughly reviewing the documents with us. I know that all three of us are incredibly comfortable with all of the travel plans and provisions made through her, and her input, both professionally and personally was invaluable.  As a mother, I feel that she treated my son and his friend as she would her own daughter, and this was greatly appreciated. 

I will be honest in the fact that I never really knew the benefit of a Travel Agent when everything is now at the tip of your fingers with the internet accessibility. However, I have learned very much in this process, and do not know in what situation that I would not use a travel agent again in the future.

Thank you, Keystone for a wonderful experience!

Amy Cronkwright | North Bay, ON

TPI The Travel Link | Oakville, Ontario

I am a huge advocate for using a Travel Agent. I have heard so many stories from friends/family of challenges they have had from booking online and I just wouldn’t trust my trips (that I save up for all year for) without my Travel Agent. I recently booked a trip with her to Las Vegas for a girls weekend. I was searching online and found some cheap prices for packages which I sent to her. She showed me that the flights were connecting, and the price was only valid for 4 of us (we were a group of 7) and the hotel we were looking for was off the strip and not a great hotel. Instead she found us an awesome deal at the Monte Carlo, on the strip, with direct flights, better reviews, pools and it included 2 free tickets to a show per room… all for less then what I was finding online. I refer all my family and friends to her because I know she will find us the right package and be there for us to call if we have questions or issues as opposed to waiting on the phone with a website company. Her experience and knowledge is invaluable!!

Jennifer Burton | Toronto, ON

CAA Travel Niagara Falls | Niagara Falls, Ontario

First I would like to say I have the most incredible Travel Agent. Without her knowledge my family would never have taken such amazing trips.  My Travel Agent is more than a Travel Agent...she is family to me!  She always treats us like VIP customers even though we are not spending thousands upon thousands! 

My Travel Agent always looks out for us, she finds us the best deals and spends hours on the phone with companies to ensure that every detail has been perfected.  We just recently books a Disney World trip for my family and I. She booked everything, was able to upgrade us to a preferred pool room suites, upgraded our meal plan, and booked all of our dining reservations.  Without her knowledge of our destination we would be lost.  Disney is a very large and overwhelming trip and to have the some of the guess work taken off of our plates is incredible!  With 2 young children...having someone help is always a bonus!  And knowing that my children will experience the best dining experiences with their favourite characters is an incredible feeling for a mother. Which none of this would have happened without the experience of my Travel Agent.So your question is why I value my Travel Agent....I don't just value her she is priceless to me!  And worth every second of my time and every penny I pay!

Lindsey Hounslow | Fonthill, ON

Voyageur Travel | Newmarket, Ontario

My Travel Agent of Voyageur Travel, Newmarket, Ontario has been my agent of choice for 10+ years; She goes beyond the horizon to provide vacation location information; helped massively on the one occasion I had to submit an insurance claim after a trip from hell; always touches base post trip for feedback. An ACTA agent ensures superb standards of which she is a shining example of a consummate professional in all aspect of her work. Reliable, honest, funny and always a pleasure to work with…. Why would I ever go elsewhere!!

Amanda Meehan | Newmarket, ON

Uniglobe Plus Travel Group | Mississauga, Ontario

My Travel Agent has been looking after my travel arrangements for over 20 years. I have changed jobs 3 times in this period and despite having "in house" Travel Consultants for all of these jobs I have continued to use my Travel Agent at Uniglobe Plus Travel Group.  Creative in her approach to itinerary, flights, lay over opportunities, hotels, rental cars and pricing options, she has provided me the very best in customer care and attention.  She is easy to deal with, that is why she still books all my travel requirements to this day and will continue to do so! 

Kevin Fletcher | Mississauga, ON 

TPI Travel Professionals International | Winnipeg, Manitoba

I use a Travel Agent because I want my trips to be as stress free as possible and my Travel Agent does everything so I can enjoy my holiday. We went on our first cruise last fall and she made all of our arrangements. She even helped arrange for us to see a Garth Brooks concert while we were in Florida. A dream come true for my husband. Any questions that we had about our trip she had the answers. I don't book trips with anyone else.

Noreen Taylor | Winnipeg, MB

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

My Travel Agent is a professional on the products that she offers and she assists me with all the components of my travel. She gives great one on one attention.

Judith Anthony | MB

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

My Travel Agent is amazing.  I approached her as we are planning a trip to the US.  She asked such interesting questions and within five minutes she totally understood the type of vacation we are looking for. We want an adventure holiday based on our interests.  Our Travel Agent has provided us not only with great transportation options, but also so many great resources and ideas of communities and activities we can include in our trip. We love that she is customizing the trip to our needs and we are really enjoying the planning process. This will be an amazing trip.  OUR TRAVEL AGENT ROCKS!!!

Nicole Yunker | MB

The Travel Link | Toronto, Ontario

 My Travel Agent is my travel brain outside my body. She was able to plan a vacation I couldn't have improved upon in any way. I have never really been a fan of the idea of travelling to Las Vegas so when I sent my Agent an e-mail about some ideas of activities that might be fun in Vegas I had no idea that she would take that and run with it. One day later I had a full-fledged itinerary created outlining activities that that I didn’t know were available in Vegas, like a wine tour and shopping day as well as exciting staples like a helicopter ride and a Cirque show. All the activities On top of that she helped me choose a hotel, The Cosmopolitan, that matches my style and preferences more than anything else I saw in the whole city, made me very glad I got her input on that. She even added potential dates and costs for me to consider. All that being said she really proved her worth when the helicopter tour company tried to cancel our tour and move around to other action packed days and ruin or well laid plans. She called and made them live up to our agreement. I found myself thankful for my Travel Agent many times through this trip and have referred her multiple times since. At this point I wouldn't go back to booking anything without her and anyone that talks about travel within my earshot better expect a dissertation on the benefits of a Travel Agent. 

 Lydia Hadgembes | Toronto, ON

Peerless Travel - Rutherford Village | Vaughan, Ontario

Our Travel Agent has always made our Travel planning experiences easy and pressure free. She is knowledgeable and caring and shares her ideas and travel experiences in a confident and informative manner. She researches and presents various options to us and gives us excellent advice. She takes the time and interest to do what’s best for us regarding the cost of the trip, best time to travel to our chosen destination, best connections and transfers. She makes us aware of the necessary visas and insurance that is required. Our Travel Agent is just now planning a fabulous trip for us on Princess Cruise Lines. We can’t wait! South Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand here we come!

Being able to use our Travel Agent means our travel plans have been well organized, and we travel with confidence and a great feeling of security knowing she is available to us should we have any problems. We have always used our Travel Agent and will continue to do so as she is dependable, caring and experienced and makes us and our travel needs a priority.


Lorna and Joey Leibovici | Vaughan, ON

TPI Magical Trips | Winnipeg, Manitoba

 I am probably one of the most travelled people in my family, circle of friends and yes, even my town! I dream of travel, as soon as I return from a trip I instantly get busy booking another. Obsession, perhaps! Happy, absolutely!Having my Travel Agent at Travel Professionals International, Magical Trips, available to me to answer questions, give a quote or offer a recommendation, is priceless. Her experiences are so important to me. Her ability to find and create the perfect vacation is a skill that I appreciate. In two months she has been my Travel Agent for two vacations, the second hasn't happened yet, coming up on May 16th. Anything I need she will be there. Bravo! Thank you for being there for my travel needs, you rock!!!

Corina Tiller | Winnipeg, MB

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

 I use a Travel Agent because when my mother passed away and I was in Jamaica she helped me get home that same day. I had no idea how to change my flights or anything. All I say is thank goodness for my Travel Agent for all her help.

 Betty Filipchuk | Dauphin, MB

New Wave Travel | Toronto, Ontario

 I use a Travel Agent from New Wave Travel because I don't have to worry about the details of my vacations. I tell my Agent where I would like to go and she looks after everything for me. We discuss itineraries, and if she has been to that location she gives suggestions as to which hotels and restaurants she really enjoyed and recommends. As well, if there are great prices on some destinations, my Travel Agent lets me know about them. I save so much time and money by using a Travel Agent.

Dyan Lamirande | Toronto, ON

Go Travel | Vermilion, Alberta

My Travel Agent has looked after our travel needs for some time now. She is top notch and has found us some very good deals. I recommend her to anyone who inquires.

Dawn Service | Vermilion, AB

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

Whether I only book a flight or a vacation, I always use my Travel Agent. She searches and gets me the best deal, speedy service and will arrange booking of our seats 24 hours before departure if we decide not to pay the extra charge of pre booking our seats. You cannot ask for better service!!!  

Canda Chafe | Dauphin, MB

Merit Travel | Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Travel Agent is the most amazing Travel Agent I have ever dealt with and made my experience delightful to say the least. She was extremely patient and attentive to my travel needs. She also provided me with many options along with her personal recommendation for each choice.  She booked my hotels and tours in Turkey and went out of her way to alert me to various services and options that I could be missing (e.g. insurance, alternative tours etc.). During this process, I did not feel rushed. Rather, I received a very pleasant treatment that made me decide in 10 seconds that I will use this Travel Agent for all my future international trips. When I was in Yemen, I wanted to change my flight and get back to Halifax earlier than my intended return date due to political turmoil that erupted unexpectedly. Changing my flight seemed like a near impossible task from my perspective because people were flooding out of Yemen to any country they can get to in order to escape. My Travel Agent diligently looked for every option I had to get out of the country and booked my new return ticket to Halifax at a competitive rate despite the difficulty of the situation. I travel outside Canada at least twice a year and she will be my life-long Travel Agent that I will seek for all my future travel plans.

Mohammed Al-hamdani | Halifax, NS

Go Travel | Vermilion, Alberta

We booked our destination wedding for November 2014 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico through pur Travel Agent and there was a hurricane in September 2014 and it severley damaged numerous resorts...including the resort we were to get married at. A bride's nightmare.Our Agent stepped right up! I was able to cancel the wedding booking,but now the race was on as to where the new location would be. Our 20+ guests had just paid for their full vacation package so our Agent worked hard to find us a comparable resort at the same cost. I found an alternate location in Puerto Vallarta and requested a booking for the wedding. I was feeling the pressure because the available dates were slim. I did not hear back from the resort for a few days and tried calling multiple times with no success. I need that confirmation for peace of mind. In the meantime, she was able to secure us a package for the same cost which was a relief to all of our guests. After a few days, I was starting to get extremely anxious because the resort did not confirm that we could have the wedding there. It was a night mare. Without hesitation, our Travel Agent picked up the phone called the resort and was able to get through without any issues. Within minutes she had my wedding confirmation emailed to me. I don't know what I would have done without her help. She was great. It was a very stressful time and she pulled it off without a hitch! I can't thank our Travel Agent enough for her hard work and dedication to her job. She is passionate about her work and it shows!

Ashley | Vermilion, AB

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

My  Travel Agent is a sweetheart.  She goes to the mat for her customers when providing services.  When we first began travelling six years ago we had used another provider in Dauphin, Manitoba but we were not happy with their service so friends had given us our Travel Agent's name. I had thought to just go online, but was leery about booking vacations this route so I sent an email to Total Paradise as well as to a few other travel agencies. The one to reply to my email was our Agent so we gave her a try for our first hot vacation and have never looked back. Her bubbly personality , hard working attitude is another plus. She doesn't make you feel silly in asking questions and is so so helpful with suggestions or other alternatives for travel plans. She also is available at any time via email and will return your messages promptly even if it is after 5:00 pm which is nice and greatly appreciated. We have travelled with other people in our party who are not from our area, but other parts of Manitoba or out of province and whole heartily agree with me in regards to using Total Paradise. Our Travel Agent is what her business name represents, Total Paradise. Read more...

 Natalie Talpash | Gilbert Plains, MB

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

I wanted you to know what a professional and capable service provider she was when handling a complicated piece of travel business for me.

 The travel booking experience with my Travel Agent was top rate and she  saved me $10,000 to boot

CWT Client| Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

You and your team are awesome! Thank you for helping R and the extra service and attention you provide her.

We should all be so lucky to reach 95 and have such a great team of professionals to help look after our affairs with detail and compassion!

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

I have always received excellent service from my Travel Agent.  A few weeks ago my husband and I were stranded in Florida due to weather circumstances.  I emailed her on a Saturday in hopes that she was working and able to assist us to locate a flight home. She provided outstanding service to us. She worked very hard to locate a flight when there were very few available.  As well, she did this on her day off.

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

Our family has been served by our Travel Agent now for a number of years and I felt it was high time to pass on our appreciation of this gentleman. In today's world it is very hard to find individuals that go beyond the call of service. He has been just incredible! We have never met face to face, but the way in which he looks after us we feel we have known him as a family friend for years. A perfect example of his attention to service and detail happened this week. I have booked a trip to Florida to visit my brother and without me asking he called Air Canada to secure preferred seating for me via my Aeroplan status. My wife also went on a biking trip to South East Asia this fall and he worked out all the difficult logistics for making sure she knew how to ship her bike. He also made sure all her insurance for herself and her bike was looked after. He took all the stress out of her travel which she truly appreciated. You are lucky to have such an employee and we are lucky to have him as our Travel Agent.

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

I wanted to take a quick moment to drop you a note to let you know how amazing my Travel Agent is to deal with.  Working with her for all our travel and she is tremendous, far better than I had experienced. She is a delight to work with and always gets us the info we need, anticipating the next step and covering off questions that we didn’t even know we had in some cases. 

She has been outstanding and I wanted to make sure that someone knew about that.

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

I must tell you, that as an employer, I unfortunately hear more complaints than compliments, as most clients don't acknowledge positive experiences received. When they do, it gives me great pleasure to hear that they have been provided with good service in a pleasant, professional manner from one of our team members and it’s important for those who do make a difference, to be aware of the praise, not just complaints.

Therefore, you should be aware that our Travel Agent's professionalism, polite and professional personality in addition to exceptional service, has not gone unnoticed. She was able to satisfy several requests in prompt fashion and returned my messages in the same manner. It was a pleasure to deal with her and I shall continue to use CWT for all future travel requirements. ( I will also make a point to deal directly with her again!) I tell my staff all the time..... "YES, ONE PERSON MAKES A DIFFERENCE."

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

I had to take a moment to tell you how thoroughly impressed I was with the service I received from my Travel Agent.She was actually just helping out a colleague and received my request mid-Monday morning. Well, we have already booked our trip to Beaches Negril (flight separate from hotel)!!  That is a record for me as I generally have a laundry list of questions. In less than 48 hours, she answered all my questions pertaining to room options, seat selection, baggage fees, insurance, adding one passenger, cancellation policies, etc.I was also extremely impressed by the way she consistently presented all the details in a methodical, proactive, clear manner. Every email I received from her, I said "wow" to myself.  Trust me, that does not happen often.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go out to her for her superior service, fabulous attention to detail and phenomenal turnaround time.

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

CWT Concierge | Mississauga, Ontario

WOW! that’s the only way I thought I could start this communication. In today’s fast paced world when we barley have time to breath it's great knowing that there are people out there such as my Travel Agent that go above and beyond expectations. I have to say the only thing that distinguishes one company from another is service, let’s face facts, there’s a massive amount of companies that can provide discounts and price’s, but very few can provide the customer service our Travel Agent has provided, she truly is a keeper. Not only did she make booking my trip a breeze but she went as far as making sure I was aware of other things such as my partner not being covered for medical when I use my credit card to pay as well as needing an international passport to drive in Europe.

CWT Client | Mississauga, ON

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

Thanks to my Travel Agent for all his help and his pleasant customer service!! Receiving his questionnaire just made me realize I did not call him back post trip. Thanks for the warm welcome home!! You guys sure know how to run a business!

S. B. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

 If I were to have my kids climb Kili in the future, I would make them do it through Civilized Adventures and Summits Africa. Two top-notch organizations who earn their excellent reputations the old fashioned way... one customer at a time - through word of mouth. I really liked the travel documents page that summarized when all of the other climbers were arriving. The flight info was perfect and the daily agenda was spot on. Thanks to our Travel Agent for all his hard work. Great choice as expedition leaders!

J. G. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

I just wanted to thank you again for planning such an amazing trip!  It was perfect from beginning to end!! I loved France, especially Nice and I can't wait to go back there again!  Rousillon and Avignon were lovely too, but Nice and the promenade took the prize for me! Your car and drivers were wonderful as were your selections of hotels. So thank you again to our Travel Agent for creating such a wonderful holiday and leaving me with such awesome memories from a vacation!! I look forward to you planning more vacations for me in the future!

C. C. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

I compliment my Travel Agent and Civilized Adventures on organizing and arranging a  most smooth running uncomplicated and interesting adventure. I was pampered and mollycoddled in the lap of luxury for 2 weeks.  The only thinking I had to do on the entire trip was figure out what gate to depart from and where it was in the Amsterdam Airport. You booked the best flights for me and hired two exemplary local safari operators.  The lodges and tent camps you chose were all luxurious, in the style of the old colonial days, and the staff were very capable and friendly. Thank you for providing me a trip of a lifetime.

D. T. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

You are buying peace of mind when you book through Civilized Adventures in order to experience a 'trip of a lifetime'! Even our two teenaged boys
commented that this was definitely a 'bucket list' trip. Thank you for attentive service and professionalism. We will certainly be repeat customers.

K. B. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

I am so grateful for the amazing trip you put together for J and I.  The safari was amazing to say the least!!  Exploreans Lodge was the perfect place to go following J’s climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Then to follow that up with the Tarangire River Camp was such a wonderful experience … to lay in bed hearing the lions roar in the night, and the elephants eating outside our tent … priceless!!!  Both places had exceptional service, and were very accommodating to our needs. We can’t say enough about Multi Choice Safaris, and our driver/guide Tito. He was awesome, and we really enjoyed spending our time with him. We saw more than we had even dreamed of, including a three lion charge on a herd of wildebeests heading to the river, with two successful kills.  

The entire trip was exceptional, and we are so ever grateful for you putting this together for us.  We also appreciated your assistance in changing our airline seats, and being so very efficient and timely when we contacted you from Exploreans Lodge. 

J and  P. S. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

The whole experience was special. I loved the little surprises - like breakfast by the river. That was soooo special! Something I will never forget. I felt like
someone in "lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Thank you to our Travel Agent for that special moment. Had tears when I saw the set up!
I would absolutely recommend Civilized Adventures. Our Travel Agent, from the very start you were so helpful. Never making me feel like I was asking silly questions.
Just such a professional organization. Can't tell people enough about Civilized Adventures!!!

V. T. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

All logistics were spot on -- we were met and transported in a timely and safe manner. No confusion, mistakes along the way. Much appreciated for all the
attention to detail.  Overall, we had a wonderful experience and were amazed by the number and variety of animals we saw, and how friendly and helpful people were. All of our connections were spot on and ran very smoothly in Africa. Looking back, we were very thankful that all the details and arrangements were well understood by the local guides and support staff. We had no worries and basically had to show up while others took care of where we needed to be and when. That was a great part of our being able to fully relax. Please be assured we have passed along Civilized Adventures to several of our friends with high recommendations.

 J. S. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

Thank you for ALL that you did for Z and I . Planning the fantastic adventure, rescuing us from that horrid hotel and checking in along the way! We felt very comfortable knowing that you were available to us if needed! I hated that we needed you in the middle of the night YOUR time, but SO appreciate that we had that option! Really made a difference!

We had an amazing time and can't wait to use YOU and CIVILIZED ADVENTURES for our next travel opportunity!

C. B. | Calgary, AB

Civilized Adventures Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

The accommodations, the meals, the tours and the experience events (cooking classes etc) were FANTASTIC! Our guides were just awesome and
helped us in any way we needed. They are real treasures! Everything! Seriously. The wine tastings, the cooking classes, the guided
tours, the special dinners, the tapas nights - all were wonderful and I have such great memories for the rest of my life. Can't say enough good things about this trip! I will never forget it. I am starting to save up immediately to do another trip with Civilized Adventures some day because it is like no other experience I have ever had in travelling.

S. N. | Calgary, AB 

Lyn-Mar Travel |High Prairie, Alberta

The ladies at Lyn-Mar are the best. I have dealt with these Travel Agents since they opened their doors. I had even booked my own ticket once, and couldn’t get it printed off. I called them and they helped me even though I hadn't booked through them. Their cheery voices and smiles greet you on the phone or at the door. I enjoy using their services. They have helped with insurances, and after returning there is always a card thanking for using their business.

Marilyn Dahlgren | Whitecourt, AB

Lyn-Mar Travel |High Prairie, Alberta

Lyn-mar Travel is the best! I would never risk booking on line and they save me tons of time that would be wasted searching and searching for the best fare. Highly recommend to make them your travel specialist 

Nicole Johnston | Calgary, AB

Lyn-Mar Travel |High Prairie, Alberta

I truly can't say enough about my Travel Agents I have never flown without them honestly. A few of my friends say it's cheaper to book online without a Travel Agent, so I called and asked my Travel Agent if it was. She assured me it wasn't cheaper. They get the same costs as online. For me and my family the convenience and assurance that everything is taken care of is a peace of mind. I am going on a trip that was not booked by them but by another Travel Agent. Even though they never booked it or have anything to do with it I called them directly with all my questions even purchased travel insurance though them for this trip. I seriously can call 15 times a day (which I have done lol) and they always help me. Never once have they made me feel like I was being a thorn in their side. I now have friends and family who book through Lyn-Mar in High Prairie because of the exceptional service that's received. It's simply the best .... Peace of mind and confidence everything is taken care of. When you get back from anywhere a card comes to your mail box asking how your trip was. Great service always.

Kerry Sunshine | Valleyview, AB

Elan Travel | British Columbia

I have gone on only ONE trip EVER, and it was made spectacular by using my Travel Agent! As a first time traveller, it was perfect to have someone doing everything right, booking flights, connector flights, hotels and resort. She got us travel insurance, steered us in the right direction for medical. It was a great relief knowing that we had a 'person' to contact in case of emergency.

It was the holiday of a lifetime, thanks Elan Travel!

Carolyn Christiansen | BC

Around the World in 80 Ways | Winnipeg, Manitoba

My Travel Agent is fantastic, and is the real reason I still book using a Travel Agent. Often my life is insanely busy and hectic because of working multiple jobs, but she always has time to hop on the phone and find out where I need to be and when, and always seems to find a way to make it happen for me! We have really appreciated her help throughout the years, she has never steered us wrong!

Brodie Sanderson | Winnipeg, MB

Tier One Travel | Edmonton, Alberta

We recently booked a trip to Cuba with our Travel Agent, she was awesome, very helpful and gave us lots of information, if we asked a question and she didn't have the answer she would find the answer and get back to me very quickly. This was our first family vacation out of the province with our at the time, 6 month old baby. She found us an amazing resort that was very family friendly. She also made sure we were clear on luggage restrictions, etc. We could not have asked for a better Travel Agent and we will continue booking each vacation Tier One Travel.

Tori Ward | Edmonton, AB

Around the World in 80 Ways | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our Travel Agent has been our Agent for many years and has always been there for us. In this age of internet confusion it is nice to have someone dependable to help navigate travel.

Frank Yanofsky | Winnipeg, MB

Marlin Travel | Yorkton, Saskatchewan

My Travel Agent is the best because she puts her customer first. She is not worried about making money off of me, like a product off the shelf you sell.

She truly cares,  and understands if she looks after my travel needs, I will be happy, respect her, use her again and recommend her to others. This is why I value my Travel Agent and why she is the best!

Brian Hilderman | Yorkton, SK

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kelowna | Kelowna, British Columbia

I want to pass on a very heartfelt complement regarding my Travel Agent at Carlson Wagonlit Kelowna.  We were given a last minute opportunity to go on a barge in France for a week. She was outstanding in helping us get our flights, but was even more outstanding in helping us change some return flights. You should know about the high level of service she provided. We had a wonderful week sailing on the River Roane in the Burgundy region of eastern France.  Back to reality. Many thanks!

Jill | Kelowna, BC

Merit Travel | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Our first big trip to Argentina was completely planned by me. How labour intensive and exhausting! Fortunately for me, after my first trip I met my Travel Agent and have been using her services and that of Merit Travel ever since.  She offers a wonderful blend of enthusiasm and professionalism to my trip planning. I would not dream of travelling now without the expertise of our Travel Agent. It is soooo worth it to have our travel agent in our corner and knowing there is always a number to call if we need it. My best advice that I could give to future travellers is to use the services of an ACTA travel agent - best decision I have ever made!  Thank you! Read more...

Sue Baldwin | Halifax, NS

Carlson Wagonlit Saskatoon | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Over the years, my husband and I have booked many successful family and couples holidays through Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Saskatoon. Booking with a Travel Agent has consistently taken the fear and frustration out of our travels. We have never had a bad experience due to the expertise of the people at CWT. We are currently putting the finishing touches on an extensive trip to Europe. Our Travel Agent has been invaluable.  Read more...

Joan Falk | Dundurn, SK

Around The World in 80 Ways | Winnipeg, Manitoba

I book with a Travel Agent because it takes all the worry out of travel for me. I travel with children therefore I don't want to risk just booking on my own. I can ask my Travel Agent questions such as is the resort safe? Is there lots of things for kids to do or is it a more adult friendly resort? And what did past clients with similar travel needs as me like or dislike about their vacation at the resort I'm interested in. Booking with a Travel Agent puts my mind at ease that my family and I will enjoy our vacation. It takes all the stress and worry out of booking a vacation.  I love my Travel Agent so much that I still book through her even though I moved to a new province 9 years ago, you build a relationship with your Travel Agent and it's someone who gets just as excited helping you book your vacation as you are to be going to a destination.

Tinsa |

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

I will never book a trip without using my Travel Agent! I am getting married in January 2016 and was given her name through my future sister in law (we booked her wedding through her a couple years ago) to help book a group honeymoon. Not only did she have to put up with me changing my mind on locations and dates, but she did it all with ease. We have finally picked what I think will be the greatest honeymoon of a life time and I think she got us some amazing deals.  So far we have I think 16 people booked I didn’t have to do or worry about a thing. 

I already have another trip planned and I know I will be contacting my Travel Agent to help look into the details for me..  Cant wait!

Tammy Fenske | Clairmont, AB

Travel Professionals International | Edmonton, Alberta 

I prefer to use a Travel Agent because I couldn't imagine going anywhere without always knowing I can call for support/help if needed. I use my Travel Agent because she is quick, efficient, and extremely helpful. She has a true understanding of most if not all destinations which is important prior to booking trips, she also sends out destination information and let's us know she is available should we need her during our trip. She always sends out a thank you card after the trip as well. I couldn't ask for a better Travel Agent.

Brianne Warren | Edmonton, AB

Travel Professionals International | Edmonton, Alberta 

I don't even know where to begin expressing my gratitude for everything our Travel Agent does for us. I think what I appreciate most is knowing that if anything ever went wrong on one of our trips she would do everything in your power to smooth out the bumps. Most of our trips you have booked have been to locations we have been before, but the information she provides about destinations is very helpful when it is a new destination.  When we went to Riu Jalisco last November I really appreciated the information she provided about the various restaurants and that we could walk down the beach to Bucerias. Read more... 

Carol Rasmussen | Edmonton, AB

Travel Professionals International | Edmonton, Alberta

The thing about our Travel Agent is that she goes above and beyond at every step of the journey. She sends you information on the destinations beforehand, sends reminders of flight departure times the day before and keeps you informed of any changes to anything along the way. She ensures you can reach her while away in case anything arises (like your tickets don’t work at Universal Studios or your husband loses his passport). When you get home, she touches base to see how it was and if you have any feedback for her on either her service or anything she booked along the way. What gives me confidence that things will go smoothly and everything will be just as we expected or better is using a Travel Agent to book it! Read more...
Paddy Storey | Edmonton, AB

Travel Professionals International | Edmonton, Alberta

Our Travel Agent was fabulous!!! I can't say enough good things about our experience with her. We were first time travellers and she took care of everything and explained it all so well from picking a destination to what to pack in our suitcases. She gave us options in our price range. Explained what each resort or area has to offer. She made sure we were prepared as far as passports etc. She periodically checked in with us leading up to our departure date just to see if we had any questions or concerns. We even received a farewell have a great trip email!!!! Because of her great guidance and information prior we knew exactly what to expect stepping off the plane. We had a fabulous time and we will be going back!!! After returning home she checked in with us one last time to make sure all went well. I will definitely recommend our Travel Agent to others looking for a Travel Agent. She was definitely there every step of the way for these virgin travellers.

Raylene and James Brule | Edmonton, AB

Travel Professionals International | Edmonton, Alberta

We chose to have a Travel Sgent as there was a group of us going away at Christmas and I thought it would be best to leave it to a professional on how to get us there. I loved being able to tell her everyone's requests and then havng her finding us the perfect place. We chose our Travel Agent as she is my friend and I knew we could trust her! Before we left she did tons, booking everything, finding out destination etc, when we were there she made sure to let us know if we had any problems to let her know and also once we were home she checked in with us to make sure all went well! My entire family was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went and we owe that all to her, so thanks again!! Hopefully one year we will be able to do it again.

Jocelyn Fischer | Edmonton, AB

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

I have been using my Travel Agent to book my holidays for the past 7 years. I love that I can call her up and she knows who I am, what my family likes and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our vacations are wonderful. Her knowledge and tips of cruises, all inclusives, air fares and cities have always made it easy and stress free to go on vacations with our family or as a couple.Using her as a Travel Agent makes vacations much easier because she does all the research and booking for me. She helps with booking excursions, transfers, hotels and once we get back from our vacation she always calls or emails us and asks how our vacation was. She always ensures that I have her contact info when away so that if something goes wrong I can just contact her and she will help straighten it out. Why would I do all this planning by myself when I just tell her what I want and the rest is perfect memories!

Krista Lucas | Beaverlodge, Alberta

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

Over the past several years I have done lots of travelling with North America. I have taken an interest in travelling and have learned of many websites to access for information, and thought I was learning a lot of valuable information. Recently we booked a group trip to Mexico and a member of the group was using a Travel Agent, unnecessary I thought, but since the rest of the group was using the Agent I had to use her as well to ensure the group stayed together in their plans. Wow, what a difference this made to our trip. She was able to coordinate better times, better prices and prided info on changes to itineraries and such that I never knew before. She provided us excellent assistance when we had to make a date change and was vital in providing us with information on return trips information as we had to make a connection to another city upon our return to our home base.I am certain that I will be using her assistance in the future.

Valerie Day-Hawkins | Winnipeg, MB

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

I am writing to you to tell you how great our Travel Agent is! We have been booking at least annually with her for about 15 years now. She goes above and beyond to meet our needs, we have never had any problems with our travel that was in her control, she has never made any mistakes on our bookings and always has made sure our destinations and accommodations have been correct for us. On our recent trip to Turks and Caicos she found us the best suited flights to  travel with our small children and researched properties and found one that could not have been more perfect. She always emails us upon our arrivals to check to make sure everything went well in our travel and check in. She always follows up once we have returned to get our feedback on the vacation and asks what our favorite aspects to least favorite aspects of the vacation were.

Amanda Southwell | Beaverlodge, AB

Merit Travel | Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Travel Agent helps me find the best flights with shorter travel times at the best price. She also makes sure that I get the travel experience I'm looking for with the right tour group that fits me. When I travel solo and without a tour group, I also know she's there to help find ways to travel and places to stay. My Travel Agent is fantastic!

Valerie Edwards | Calgary, AB

Around The World In 80 Ways | Winnipeg, Manitoba

I book with my Travel Agent because she always have helpful inside information regarding my travel. 

Bev Fritschy | Winnipeg, MB

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta 

My Travel Agent always does her best to find us the most suitable and economical vacation destinations. Our most recent trip to cuba for our family of ten was perfect thanks to her. She always has good suggestions and recommendations.

Jack Jewitt | Winnipeg, MB

Marlin Travel | Yorkton, Saskatchewan

I moved away from my friends eight years ago, but that didn't stop us from traveling together and catching up on what I was missing. We have booked trips to Europe and the British Isles with our Travel Agent at Marlin Travel. She has coordinated our group of 22 people and our excursions really well. She also checks in after our trip to see if everything went as planned. I live in Redcliff, Alberta and she keeps me informed of what's going on with each stage of the trip. I receive the information as soon as everyone else does. She goes out of her way to get the best prices for everyone. I would book more tours with her in the future as she's so friendly and researches the best group trips.  Next trip will be with my husband somewhere to celebrate our 40th anniversary. 

Emily Harris | Redcliff, AB

Canada One Travel | Winnipeg, Manitoba

My Travel Agent makes everything go smoothly. I have no worries about having missed an essential component of my trip, and I have someone to call if anything ever goes wrong. She can quickly draw up options for various hotels, flight dates, and activities where ever I am thinking about going. On a trip to Las Vegas this year, I made a sudden change in the dates and length of stay. She had a new estimate together in minutes. Even during the trip, I gave her a quick phone call and she had the public transit system all figured out for me! I have the confidence that I am getting the best deals, and a personalized vacation from a professional who knows the ropes. I feel valued as a customer, and I love that I have someone to ask all my questions to, and get the straight answers I need.

Victor Harding | Winnipeg, MB

CAA Travel | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

I have always booked through a Travel Agent. I  know there are  some hot deals out there, but if I have  any problems I  just have to get out  my Agent's card, call the 1-800 number and  things will be  taken care of. I have  used the same company and Agent for many years now. The  Agents are all  very courteous and knowledgeable. I tell my  Agent  everything she needs to  know and  she does the ground work, including  cancellation, car rental  and  medical insurance. It is a great feeling to know that no  matter what I will  always have  an agent to help  if problems arise. My agent also informs me of any great deals that come  and  sometimes  before I realize it I am on an  unexpected vacation!!!!!

D. McInnis | Charlottetown, PE

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

My husband and I usually take at least one vacation a year and the last couple of years have increased that to two per year.  Many of our vacations are cruising and booking through our Travel Agent makes it so trouble free. She knows our interest and so always has great ideas and suggestions to make.  The places we have traveled  have been pretty much trouble free.  In all our travels, only once has there been a time when we were not sure if we would make connections or not.  Although, this problem had nothing to do with her and the booking, when we contacted her, wondering what we should do if our connection was not made, within minutes she was back to us with alternate ways we could continue on. We have been to many parts of the world in our travels and  it is so comforting to know that we have an experienced person to guide us. Whenever we contact her with a place or places we may be interested in visiting, her response is always quick and detailed of what our options are. She is the best! 

Shirley and Niels | Winnipeg, MB

Tier One Travel | Calgary, Alberta

Three summers ago my wife and I went on a dream holiday to Italy for 3 weeks. We left all the arrangements up to our Travel Agent. All we did was tell here where we wanted to go, and for how long. The trip also included a 7 day cruise to Greece, Croatia, and Turkey. She was amazing! She booked our flights; hotels in Rome, Venice, and Florence; the cruise on Norwegian; a 7 day stay in a villa just outside of Cortona in Tuscany; and our car rental and two separate train trips. Everything was spot on and all of our accommodations were more than acceptable. We asked her to find lodgings that were clean, comfortable, and affordable. She did all that. And the villa was absolutely amazing. We also had an unusual situation happen 2 days before leaving. I hurt my knee and even considered cancelling, but we carried on. One thing worried us was that we had a car rental in Florence for a week and had a standard drive. With my knee I did not feel I could drive a standard. On the morning we left we called her and she tried to see if they would change the reservation to an automatic. They quoted her a huge increase for the rental on such short notice. She suggested just asking at the rental agency when we picked up the car. It worked, we got an upgrade for free after explaining to the agent what happened.

We could never have done it on our own.

Ken Gusnowsky | Calgary, AB

New Wave Travel | Toronto, Ontario

My husband and I have worked with out Travel Agent for over 15 years. She has been very professional in booking our travel needs, whether it has been with our children or adults only.In particular her advice on car rentals,hotels and flying city options has been most helpful. She has kept us aware of special time offer deals and packages, so we can make an informed choice. Our communication with her is clear and precise. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure all latest  updates are given to us, even when away, regarding the flight home. We would highly recommend our Travel Agent to look after anyone's travel plans however small or complicated. My husband and I have given her some challenges over the years and she has found out the info, from her network.

Soraya & Richard | Oakville, ON

Around The World In 80 Ways | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why I value my Travel Agent is because she has booked for me and helped me plan a number of trips.  She has been helpful in finding the best flights for making connections overseas, found me some really nice hotel accommodations during my trip, located some great quick winter get aways for me and been available if something has gone array when making connections during a trip.  She is knowledgable about a travel destinations, often providing me with insight I wouldn't have otherwise had, which has often helped in the overall planning of trips I have taken.  She has booked me to countless quick winter get away destinations, to Europe twice and to Australia, all of which have been seamless travel experiences.  She has also booked me on a number of business trips and made bookings for professionals coming to provide workshops or presentations for an organization I was involved with.

Cheryl Nicholson | Winnipeg, MB

Travel Professionals International | Winnipeg, Manitoba

My Travel Agent booked a Disney vacation for my family of 5. Not only did she book our vacation, but she went above and beyond by compiling a package of insider tips. She got us a great price on the trip with everything Included, flights (upgraded to VIP), house rental car, Disney park passes etc. We also decided last minute to add to our package, I am sure it must have been a lot of extra work for her, but she completed the add ons with a smile. She is extremely pleased to work with and you can tell she has a true passion for what she does. She also made recommendations for other sites to see and things to do that we never even would have known to try if she had not taken the time to highlight what she thought our family would enjoy! We had an amazing trip and will definately be booking though her again in the future! Also, our flight had gotten delayed and to avoid us waking the kids up early and taking them to the airport, she called us personally as she was keeping an eye on the flights to let us know we could sleep in until the rescheduled flight time, it was a hassle free and enjoyable trip all around!

Laura Murphy | St. John's, NL

Around The World In 80 Ways | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Using a Travel Agent to book our trips is very convenient as we are able to get specific information about destinations that may interest us. Our flights are easily booked and any connection flights are within a timely manner. Any excursions, restaurant reservations, car rentals are booked by the agent which puts our mind at ease especially when travelling to a location we have never been before.

After our vacation there is always a follow up as to how it was and if everything went as planned. Our Travel Agent provides excellent customer service and is extremely knowledgeable. Booking through a Travel Agent is the best way to travel.

David Thompson | Winnipeg, MB

TPI Magical Trips | Paradise, Newfoundland

My husband and two kids booked a trip to disney with our Travel Agent here in St John's, NL two years ago. We were very glad we didn't just do it ourselves when St. John's got fogged in, the flight got cancelled and we didn't arive in FLA at the resort on the date as planned. She took care of all the details, got us a refund for the time we missed and made the rest of the trip fantastic. Great reviews from the Hewitt family!

Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt | St. John's, NL

The Travel Company | Lethbridge, Alberta

My wife and I started booking all our vacation trips to Mexico for with our Travel Agent at The Travel Company about 18 years ago and since then have broadened it to include all my business trips. She knows my travel requirements, I only have to email her, let her  know where I want to go, when I want to go, and when I want to return. She calls or emails me back with what options and prices I have available. I let her know what to book and she takes care of all the details. The insurance and tickets are emailed to me. I have the peace of mind knowing if I have to make changes pertaining to my trip, she is there to help me out. If there is a problem with my flights or hotel, she is there to help me out. By booking with my Travel Agent, be it for work or play, I have the peace of mind knowing that my trip will be everything we expect it to be. 

Keith Burgess | Lethbridge, AB

TPI Magical Trips | Paradise, Newfoundland

Myself and my husband (and about 25 other friends and family members) booked our wedding in Cuba through out Travel Agent. I first met her at a wedding show in St. John's. At the show I was immediately drawn to her friendly smile then upon speaking with her her knowledge of destination weddings. Myself and my husband met with her at her office, where she gave us very helpful guidance in planning our dream destination wedding. She was able to find us a beautiful resort in Cuba for an excellent price (Iberostar Laguna Azul). She created an information website for our guests and a booking form for anyone who would like to join our group. She made sure all our questions were answered and all requests were met. She was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent experience! I would absolutely book a vacation with our Travel Agent again.

Ashley Maloney | Paradise, NL

TPI Magical Trips | Paradise, Newfoundland

In 2013, our family attended a cousins destination wedding in Cuba. Our Travel Agent was awesome! She got a terrific deal for all of us, for the all inclusive trip. She was very helpful.  She was always available if we had any questions and we got prompt responses.  Everything went like clockwork and we all had a fabulous time - thanks to her! Without her, I don't think things would have gone as smoothly. I hope to use her services when booking future trips! Thanks again!

Jill Kelly | Glovertown, NL

CWT Westgate | Edmonton, Alberta

My Travel Agent is amazing!! To say the least. We have used her for the last 5 years and some of the highlights she has sent us on were a Disney cruise, Jamaica, Quantum of the Seas Cruise (New Jersey) and she made sure that we never had any headaches to worry about. She was always calling or e-mailing to make sure we knew exactly what was going on, and she never made any choice without asking us first. She pretty much knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted it. She also went out of her way and mentioned we could save extra money if we flew out of Edmonton instead of Fort McMurray or she even mentioned if we were OK to fly at night instead of daytime – that way it would save us some money also. She likes to travel herself so she has the feel of what places have to offer, not just reading about it or taking a guess of the what the place have to offer. She really enjoys what she does, you can see it in her face. Thanks!

Scott and Nancy Colwell | Edmonton, AB

TPI Magical Trips | Paradise, Newfoundland

We booked a trip through our Travel Agent to Disney in 2013. She provided excellent service! We received great info and tips to help us with our trip. She was so patient answering any questions we had. We would definitely book through her again! Thanks!

Cathy Hollett | Creston South, NL

Travel Professionals International | Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have the best Travel Agent that you could possibly find. TPI is my go to always, anywhere. I've been abroad and sent her messages regarding situations I've found myself in and in no time she has made arrangements for transfers, lined up new travel plans, changed stop overs, and for me the most important part is I'm totally confident that it will work out smoothly, and it always has.
My Travel Agent deserves a medal for all the times I've had her take on my dilemmas, she will always be my Travel Agent, wouldn't book without her!!

Bonnie Nielsen | Winnipeg, MB

TPI Elizabeth Tomkins | Dauphin, Manitoba

We have been booking with our Travel Agent for a number of years. She is always just a phone call away. This last winter, I was unsure whether to book a flight and she told me that I had 24 hours from the time of booking to cancel without penalties. As it happened, I did have to cancel and just called her and she took care of everything.  About a month later, we planned a trip last minute and again, I just called her and she took care of everything.  Having someone you can trust to book your trip for you at a moments notice is priceless.  Thank you!!!
Sharon Persson |Dauphin, MB

Merit Travel | Halifax, Nova Scotia

On a recent business trip to San Diego our return flight was cancelled due to a bad landing on the same flight the previous night. It was simply cancelled. We didn't even get notified that it was cancelled and only found out because we tried to check in that morning. We called our Travel Agent and she hadn't been notified yet either. She got on the phone with the airline, and after TWO HOURS of talking to different people was able to get us booked on a flight home that evening. During that two hours, we went on a tour of the city, spent time at the beach and had lunch. When we returned to our hotel, it was all taken care of and we didn't have to spend our time fixing it. I use a Travel Agent so I can enjoy my time away doing business or vacationing, not on the phone fixing problems with flights, hotels or tour operators.

Anita Hovey | Halifax, NS

TPI Magical Trips | Paradise, Newfoundland

We have a terrific Travel Agent! Our family has booked our last three Disneyworld Vacations with her and we wouldn’t go with anyone else. She takes care of everything for you right down to the last detail.  Whether you stay on the Disneyworld Resort or you book a house off Disney, everything is taken care of everything from airfare, transportation, accommodations, meals, etc. and when we stayed at a house on one of our visits, there was even a welcome basket from one of the suppliers she uses that had everything we needed for an evening snack and a great breakfast. Coffee/tea, milk, eggs, bread, butter, popcorn, drinks, etc. This was amazing and was a big help when you get off a plane at your destination late in the night, it was so welcoming and greatly appreciated. Read more...

The Parker Family | CBS, NL

TPI Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

I use my Travel Agent because of her knowledge of the industry, organization skills and professional yet personal work relationship she has built with me and my family. She knows each of her client’s wants and needs and is watching for the ‘perfect holiday’ for each even before they call. She always has every little detail checked off before you leave and hand delivers the tickets and confirmations going through every step ensuring smooth travel. During the trip she is always reachable to help with missing luggage or any other bump in the road, but I must say the bumps are seldom when dealing with this professional. Her exceptional travel planning has never let me down and I appreciate all she has done for me over the years.  Thank you! 

Alison Soucy | Beaverlodge, AB

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Toronto, Ontario

When our Travel Agent works with clients, he puts each one at ease with his vibrant personality. He does not hasten the process to decrease his workload. He explains all negatives and positives in the same vein, and ensures that the final decision is that of the client. We finally found a Travel Agent who is not only thoroughly professional and highly experienced in his field, but is also knowledgeable, personable and very communicative, and most importantly truly cares for his clients. Read more...

Mr. V. Paul and Dr. M. Paul | Toronto, ON

Travel Time Inc. | Calgary, Alberta

My husband and I recently enjoyed 2 weeks in Italy with some friends from Calgary. We live in Ontario. The Travel Agent was highly recommended to us by our friends and we decided to use her expertise in European travel , to organize our tour. Well, our trip was one to remember! We had a worry free trip! The hotels we stayed in were not 4 star, but seemed like they were 5 star. Wether in Venice, the Chianti region of Greve , or Sorrento, our accommodations were outstanding and the staff at each place was fantastic. What memories we have made. I have asked her if I can give her information to some of my co workers in Ontario, who are interested and she said of course. She is the best! Read more...

Carol Farronato | Hamilton, Ontario

Valhalla Vacations | Valhalla, Alberta

My Travel Agent is a very efficient and patient lady. Often when trying to decide where to go on our holidays we have her price out a lot of places and situations. She is very patient during this process. When we finally make our decision, she makes sure every little detail is taken care of. If I have a concern, being a seasoned traveller, she addresses it promptly. She is always friendly and prompt with getting back to me and makes me feel like any concern I have is valid. She looks for the cheapest way to do things without compromising the enjoyment and quality of the trip. She always follows up with me after the trip as well to make sure everything went well and asks if there is anything she could do differently for her future customers. I will always book my trips through a Travel Agent!  I like having the security of a Travel Agent to fall back on.

Lisa MacAulay | Valhalla, AB

Travel Professionals International | Winnipeg, Manitoba

My Travel Agent makes our travel arrangements stress free. Right from the beginning she will help us do research on specific destinations, to following through to make phone calls to resorts etc. Once we have chosen our destination, she will get all the pertinent information in a timely manner and make up a booklet for us with little extras..and being a customer, it's those little extras that go many miles. She will have everything ready and packaged up and I know I can always trust her. She even delivers the tickets to my work!! No extra running around for me. To finish off, once we return home she will follow up, ask how the vacation was and if there were any issues that she may have to address and we always get a little treat thanking us for booking through TPI.
I always recommend my Travel Agent to any friends and family that are travelling and they always return saying that she certainly makes it stress free!
Karen Campbell | Niagara Falls, ON

McTavish Travel | Oakville, Ontario

A good Travel Agent is like a good pair of shoes:  you can’t travel too far without them. I first met my Travel Agent when we participated in the 60 km walk for Breast Cancer in 2007 and apart from being a good friend now, she also is my Travel Advisor. She has, on a few occasions, gone above and beyond to help us during an airline strike and flight cancellations. Being stranded in a foreign country during an airline strike can be daunting in the best of circumstances, but she handled the situation calmly and with compassion by calling us regularly to give us updates, suggestions and alternatives. We made it home on time and without any glitches, even with the strike going on around us. While for us it was a matter of a few phone conversations, for her it was checking numerous airline schedules, connecting flights through different countries and securing seats on hard-to-find flights – things that passengers just take for granted. What I also had to remember was that we weren’t the only people stranded, so she was also looking out for everyone else, too.  This is just one of the many reasons why I value my Travel Agent.

Val Jupp | Oakville, ON

Uniglobe Carefree Travel Group | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Two greatest think booking with Travel Agent are:

1. We paid cash. It saves us money from greedy bank's fees. Fee for travel agent is OK. It saved us time for travel options research, and we have support. Paying a fee for bank just for transferring our money have no sense.

2. When our flight was overbooked, our Agent gave us two solutions to choose for reach our destination in advance. Of course it was bad to have delay, but if we were on our own we could miss that our flight was overbooked, and have more delay, or not travel at all.

Aleksandar Baros | Saskatoon, SK

Peerless Travel Rutherford Village | Vaughan, Ontario

Our Travel Agent of Peerless Travel is a ROLE MODLE for all Travel Agents! Her intelligent, charming, enthusiastic personality makes her our “go to person” when we want to travel. She is knowledgeable and shares her love of travel when discussing the various destinations we want to visit. She uses her skills and experience as a Travel Agent to meet our travel needs. She always researches the destination we hope to travel to and she  offers many suggestions and options about when and how to travel to this chosen destination. Read more...

Joey and Lorna Leibovici | North York, ON

Go Travel | Vermilion, Alberta

We want to thank Go Travel, Vermilion Alberta for doing such a great job for all the trips they have planned for us. We went on a few cruises for a family re-union and quite a few warm holidays. Everything was looked after perfectly to even booking seats and pre-boarding passes. We will certainly be using them for any more trips that we plan. 

June Woods | Rocanville, SK

Travel Professionals International | Chestermere, Alberta

The reason  why I use the services of a Travel Agent is because he saves me time, money, and energy. He listens to what I need and stays within my budget.

Doris Martinez | Chestermere, AB

The Travel Company | Lethbridge, Alberta

I have dealt with my Travel Agent for several years  and would not got to anyone else. She is always ready to help, even on short notice. She goes out of her way to be prepared before you go into see her and is ready to spend as much time as it takes to help you choose the best arrangements on getting to and from your destination and accommodations  needed. She even contacts the tour companies to get the best price for the trip. She is always on top of our trip right up to and during our being away, and notifies us immediately if there is a problem. We also get a welcome back when we return.

Patricia Jessop | Lethbridge, AB

Travel Professionals International | Lethbridge, Alberta

I have had the pleasure of working with my Travel Agent who works very hard to come up with options when I am planning and is always looking for a great travel deal. He will often also suggest activities or travel if he knows I am looking for something, but don’t really have a plan. He follows-up and follows through. I have used my Travel Agent for several trips recently and he takes the time to know what my priorities are and checks with me after to make sure everything I booked was to my satisfaction. I recently asked him to help me with a trip where I was using points for part of my trip and then needed to buy some flight segments, he came up with options including helping me to decide if I should use my points or save them for another trip. He is very good at planning for those little things that crop and has given me great travel advice over the years. I recommend my Travel Agent to people I know and will often get him to help me research upcoming trips.

Jim Clark | Calgary, Alberta

Uniglobe Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Our Travel Agent was great when we went to Greece and Spain. She booked our flights and hotels, we knew that everything was taken care of in a professional manner, as she had booked flights and hotels for us previously. This made our trip almost worry free and abled us to enjoy it so much more.

Gary Stevens | Saskatoon, SK

TravelOnly | Edmonton, Alberta

I’ve used my Travel Agent of TravelOnly Edmonton for many years. My destination is usually the South Pacific, so not easily booked online. I send my Travel Agent my dates of travel and destination, and a short while later she sends me a list of options available. She holds the seats and lets me know how long I have to decide on each option. Before letting go of the seats, she checks in with me via all the sources available to her, until she’s contacted me. Through her own frequent visits to the Islands, she has contacts that give me the best deal possible for accommodations as well. She never passes an opportunity to travel to new resorts for a personal look, so she can relay that to her customers. That is not always easy! I wish her all the best!

Uma Kumar | Edmonton, AB

TravelOnly | Edmonton, Alberta

As a business based in Canada, representatives of our firm are frequently required to attend meetings in the United States. We use Travelonly to make air and hotel arrangements based on having the convenience of a professional managing these services for us. While online travel aggregators are able to supply a wide range of options, our Travel Agent has been instrumental in accommodating our needs, usually on very short notice. Read more...

Mun Prasad | Edmonton, AB

TravelOnly | Edmonton, Alberta

I certainly value my Travel Agent whenever I am making travel plans especially complex ones. She takes the time to research all possibilities for my trips which saves me much valued time and money. Her extensive knowledge of the places I want to travel to is also an asset in advising me where to stay or eat or even with things to do while I am there. I would highly recommend her!

Cathy Adachi | Edmonton, Alberta

Europa Travel | Edmonton, Alberta

My husband and I have been going on vacation twice or lately three times a year. Our travels included cruises, land tours, all-inclusive holidays, and occasionally self-managed tours. Our vacations usually include family and friends because we enjoy their company. I came to know of our Travel Agent back in 2004 and have been using her agency, Europa Travel, to make our travel arrangements. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to traveling. She is able to provide us with travel options and advice on the most cost-effective ways to travel. Read more...

Lourdes Espino | Edmonton, AB

Europa Travel | Edmonton, Alberta

My husband will NOT arrange any travel that is not done by her, or is guided/escorted by her and has the insurance package scanned by her. She is an utterly fantastic organized Travel Agent and a most remarkable human being! And her husband is of that same calibre too! Read more...

Elizabeth Stolee | Edmonton, AB

Travel Professionals International | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent goes above and beyond the service or help that I have ever experienced in a Travel Agent. Finding and booking a beautiful place on Vancouver Island for a group of senior ladies, and actually taking the time to be at the Hotel when we arrived, making sure we had the right rooms and keys, that we were settled in and comfortable. This what I call outstanding service, really personalized, one that was not expected. Needless to say many of my Club members were very impressed and I am sure this resulted in many more new clients for my Travel Agent. This lady has become the only Travel Agent that I would book with in the future. So a Big thank you to her !!

Vivian Munroe | Calgary, AB

The Cruise Place | Edmonton, Alberta

We have used our Travel Agent for a number of years now. She is knowledgeable and well travelled. She has given us tips and recommendations of where to travel and what to do upon arrival. She answers our contact promptly and has booked arrangements quickly and expertly. I recommend everyone to use a Travel Agent and always recommend ours.

Myrna Cretney | Edmonton, AB

Europa Travel | Edmonton, Alberta

Having a reliable Travel Agent is very helpful when planning a trip. She has helped me save hours of searching and planning and has kept my trip planning from becoming an exercise in frustration. Because my plans are often complicated, with several destinations, I appreciate her hard work on my behalf. Read more...

Flo Reduka | Edmonton, AB

Travel Professionals International | Calgary, Alberta

I use my ACTA Travel Agent in order to have a stress free holiday, where I know that when I am ready to go everything is handled. All I have to do is add fun. It's great to have the arrangements made and not having to worry about finding Taxi's or pick-up transportation to and from the Airport, and to know that when I arrive all I need to do is show ID and I am ready to go. I can enjoy myself and enjoy my vacation.

Mary-Anne Luscombe | Calgary, AB

Go Travel | Vermilion, Alberta

I had a great experience with my ACTA Travel Agent. I told the Agent the date I needed to leave and come back and the price range for the ticket. I received my booking information within 24 hours with a great price and the most direct flights as possible. When I arrived in the middle east, of course my luggage did not arrive with me. I contacted my Agent and a claim was opened with the insurance provider and I received an email of what to do. My Travel Agent followed up with me to ensure I had received all the information that I needed. With my busy lifestyle, having a Travel Agent search and complete my travel booking is the best thing in the world. I always receive a notification e-mail before and after a trip with all the information that I need to have an awesome trip.

Angela Woods | Vermilion, AB

 The Cruise Place | Edmonton, Alberta

I value my Travel Agent because her love for what she does extends into the quality of service that she provides. She is always excited to get you where you are going, and add value along the way. I value her because above and beyond helping us choose and book a trip, she also provides invaluable advice, tips, and tricks that only an experienced Travel Agent (and traveller) would know. She is also always available when convenient for us, so we don’t miss out on travel and savings opportunities. She happens to have both the experience and attitude that makes a great Travel Agent.

Kyle Small | Edmonton, AB

Uniglobe Carefree Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

There are many reasons I use a Travel Agent. The first reason being of course, they are able to find and provide the best value through their working relationships and suppliers. Who doesn’t want a deal? Another reason a Travel Agent is so valuable is that they, (well at least mine does) always go the extra mile for me and my family to meet our needs. Read more...

Arla Walton | Saskatoon, SK

TPI Total Paradise | Dauphin, Manitoba

I was always leery about booking my own trip on line. Especially for our family vacations. My Travel Agent is the "expert" and has more experience on the problems that can be encountered with booking a trip. I know if there are any problems along the way in our trip, from accommodations, to car rentals to flights, I can phone her up, (day or night) and she will get the problem resolved.  Fortunately, we never had to encounter any problems. Another major benefit using my Travel Agent is she saves me time and narrows down my searches when I give her my vacation destination. So knows by now what my family likes to do on vacation, and gives her expert suggestions to us. We have been using this Travel Agent for at least 5 years.
Tracey Ilnisky | Dauphin, MB

The Cruise Place | Edmonton, Alberta

Prior to our association with our Travel Agent most of our travel arrangements had been done by myself via the internet and other random agencies. After our first trip using her for planning the entire vacation, I have never looked back to my previous way of doing business. Read more...
Grace A. Regnier | Edmonton, AB

Custom Travel Solutions | Ottawa, Ontario

My husband and I are long-standing clients of our Travel Agent, of Custom Travel Solutions,  located in Ottawa, Ontario. We never travel without his help and advice! I submit this testimonial in the form of a short poem, in the hope that it will attract the attention of many people who have yet to seek the services of a Travel Agent. View poem testimonial...

Mr. and Mrs. K. Pal | Ottawa, ON

Uniglobe Carefree Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I've been on several trips and have always used a Travel Agent. I have worked with my Travel Agent for 13 years before she became a Travel Agent and I trust she will give me all the info I need on locations that are safe to travel to and also fill me in on any issues that may be relevant to my travel plans (areas that aren't recommended for safety reasons etc). I will continue to use an Agent as I have always had good luck in planning the trips and with picking the destinations.

Ken W | SK

Travel By Sandy & Associates | Calgary, Alberta

I had the most pleasant experience with an ACTA Travel Agent. I met her at the Calgary Women’s Show just after finishing a very grueling graduate program that had left me completely burned out, exhausted, recuperating from a car accident that had occurred during school, and desperately needing some R & R on a very tight budget. I had attempted to book my own trip before calling my Travel Agent and due to my exhaustion found this a very daunting task. She found me a trip which was just the vacation I needed to start getting back to normal. Her attention to detail was impeccable, she understood the type of vacation I needed that would be restorative, and that had enough options to invigorate me again. She also followed up with me after the trip and was attentive throughout the entire process. I am truly grateful to her and will absolutely be using her again as soon as I can take another vacation. I have also referred her to a few of my friends as I was so very pleased with her service and with the entire experience. 

Joy Astolfi | Calgary, AB

TPI Travel By Sandy & Associates | Calgary, Alberta

I use Travel by Sandy in Rimby, Alberta. I leave all my travel plans to my Travel Agent, because of her expert knowledge of my West Jet flights to far away destinations.

Penney LeBlanc | AB

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Sarnia | Sarnia, Ontario

Our last two trips have been to Aisa. Working with our Travel Agent, itineraries were created that immersed us in amazing culture, history and off the beaten track experiences which has left us with many treasured memories. In addition, not only were our trips everything we hoped they would be, but also trouble/stress free. It wasn't until our trip this past April that we truly recognized the priceless service and value of our Travel Agent/agency. Read more...

Miriam Carmody | Brights Grove, ON

Marlin Travel | Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Our Travel Agent has been mine and my husband's go-to person for our travels since our 40th anniversary celebration 3 years ago. At that time, we saw how capable she was at finding a resort to suit our family of 15, coordinating flights from 3 cities so that we would all arrive and leave Cancun on the same days. Since then, we have used her help for all our not-so-straightforward travels.. She seems to know  what we want or need, so that it always turns out that we have had the best possible vacation. The resorts she finds for us are superb, she always considers our comfort, finances and time restrictions, she gives us important information so we can decide on the best possible option. Since 2012, our Travel Agent has booked the 2 of us for Antigua, 7 of us in Los Cabos, 7 of us in Puerto Vallarta, the 2 of us for Panama, and an upcoming Alaska trip later this week. As well, I just returned from a wonderful British Isles tour that I got in on through a friend. When I went to the informational meeting about the trip last summer, who do you think was the Travel Agent that my friend and 20 others were using? You guessed it! I value my Travel Agent as my knowledgeable travel person who seems to know just what will suit us when we tell her where we want to go and who is going on the trip.

Lynn Simpson | Roblin, MB

Uniglobe Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We once booked an all inclusive vacation and we picked a resort that was across from where our other friends were staying. Our Travel Agent recommended we try a different near-by resort because she didn't think we would like the one that we chose. We foolishly went with our original decision and ended up hating it, just like she knew we would. We never made that mistake again. We fully trust our Travel Agent's opinion. Another time she went above and beyond in getting to the airport at 5 am with our girls heading to Disney world -checking in and finding out our youngest passport was expired. We left a voice mail and she contacted us right away. She told us exactly what we needed to do helped us re-arange our hotel and car rental etc. and we only missed one day of our trip.  We were back on the plane next day at 5 am. 

The only way to travel is with an ACTA Travel Agent!

Darryl Zeman | Saskatoon, SK

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

Friendly, helpful service, gives us lots of options and prices!

Heather Shenton | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

The experience I have had with Destinations For Less has been extremely accommodating. I booked a trip to China (a bucket list destination) but had to cancel due to my spouse becoming terminally ill. My Travel Agent was compassionate, and efficient taking the stress off me at a time when I could really use it.

Beth Dowdell | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

Great customer experience.

Thomas Tait | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

If all Travel Agents were like mine the world would be a great place. She has helped us out with small to large requests and is always so helpful. Thanks!

Sharon Fraser | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is a delight to work with. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Helpful, knowledgeable and always available. Simply awesome!

Sharon Francis | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is easy to work with even when we couldn't make up our minds. She found choices quickly and for less than what I could find them for. Fabulous experience!

Selina Wakeford | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

To be honest I always book through Vacations For Less. My Travel Agent makes it so east just call her let her know what and where and she makes it happen.

Amanda Smythe | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

Booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta and was impressed with rege service and pricing ! Thanks!!

Trent Cherry | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is very professional, quick to respond and has the best options for what I'm looking for!

Linda Arnett | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is available immediately to professionally answer any questions and concerns. The search engine is very easy to navigate. Travel Agents rock!!

Connie Jolicoeur | Calgary, AB

Selloffvacations.com | Mississauga, Ontario

I am a seasoned traveller with many years of experience in the meeting/convention industry. I am now retired and travel 2 or 3 times per year. I ALWAYS use my local ACTA Travel Agent to book my travel. Why? Even though I can look up, and book, flights on the internet my local agent has a far greater knowledge of what, when, where, and who. They have a network of suppliers within the industry and are able to talk directly to the carriers, wholesalers, and travel companies that I would have no access to. Although rare, if the carrier gets into trouble my ACTA Travel Agent will look after me. If I book directly - good luck.

It seems today, with the internet, everyone is an amateur Travel Agent. Not Me! I want to deal with a professional.

Duff Shaw | Mississauga, ON

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent anticipates my every move and takes all measures to ensure I have everything I need. I always use the same Travel Agent as she knows my traveling needs.

Penny Jolly | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent was professional and managed to save us more money than if we had booked online.

Tina Miskey | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is always very helpful and knowledgable

Christina Blair | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent is always quick to respond to our questions, has a solution with prices available immediately, and is always available. Excellent communication skills and a super positive personality win my vote every time! Thank you!

Harold Hagen | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

I like to have the knowledge that if something goes wrong I have a contact to help. I like the service of booking hotels, best choices and research is done by someone knowelegable in the industry.

Terri Parent | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

I've only used my Travel Agent once, but loved the fact she called once we were home to make sure everything was as planned.

Carey | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

A very special Travel Agent and friend of the family!
Dianne Cooke | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

Destinations For Less makes your travel seamless, worry free, and most of all, affordable for any budget. From the moment you book until returning home, Destinations For Less is working for you and always available for anything that may arise. They truly do work for and care for their clients, and go above and beyond to give you exactly what you are looking for and then some. I truly do love Destinations For Less and have recommended them to several others and will continue to do so. Thank you again for your exceptional service.

Brenda Kadlec-Debnam | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent makes booking international trips, safe, easy and she is very thorough.

Kim Suvanto | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

Having an expert available to answer all my questions was amazing! We booked our trip 6 months in advance but would have been debating much longer if not for the assistance of our Travel Agent narrowing down destinations. We had many questions after booking that would have gone unanswered and which I found conflicting reports in my online searches, a quick email to our Travel Agent ensured all our questions were answered quickly. We never understood how important a professional Travel Agents assistance was until our big 10th anniversary trip which we wanted to be perfect, now we won't book without a Travel Agent!

Tara Palmer | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

We really enjoy working with our Travel Agent, she's helpful and she knows what she's talking about!

Angela Koenig | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

I just tell my Travel Agent where and when and she does all the work for me, I trust that she is making my get away safe and easy. No hassels!

Robin Cooper | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

Response times, customized and personal service

Shawn Hauck | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent from Destinations for Less would have ideas of where to travel and know if the prices are good for the timing. Help choose options well before booking the holiday to make sure you are covered for the duration. Has things on record so you don't have to repeat everything every time you go to book your trips. Sends reminders and links for the airline and hotel tickets. It is nice to have someone on your side and if something goes sideways while on holidays or away on business. Support of an airlines folds. If for some reason you need to come home early my Travel Agent would jump in and you help out. Once returning home from the trip she checks in to see how it all went. Thanks for all your support!

Tammy Taylor | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My last trip to Mexico was to include passengers on flights from Saint John, NB, Edmonton, and Calgary Alberta. All ladies were destined for a fun filled week. All our flights were purchased at the best prices I could find, and with only days of notice. Thanks DFL we had a great travel experience.

Ilona Kohlmann | Calgary, AB

TPI Destinations For Less | Calgary, Alberta

My Travel Agent planned my 3 week vacation to Europe and everything was done perfectly. It was a trip of a lifetime and it went so smoothly because of her hard work and dedication to our needs. 

Dwayne Wilson | Calgary, AB

Uniglobe Carefree Travel Group (Sutherland) | Saskatoon, Saskatchewa

Though it would technically be possible (thanks to a bit of travel experience as well as the array of intenet sites) for me to book my own trips, I rely upon my Travel Agent to arrange connecting flights and defer completely to her estimation of good accommodations and activities; I guess this is another way of saying I am buying peace of mind. Read more...

Michael Zilkowsky | Saskatoon, SK

Uniglobe Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I used to book all trips on my own and spend a lot of time and effort trying to find a good deal at a resort I actually liked. About 19 years ago I was booking a family trip to Las Vegas and decided it would be easier for everyone if we used a Travel Agent. I called UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel on Circle Drive and set up an appointment with an Agent. She listened to everything we wanted and booked us the perfect trip. 3 days before the trip, all of my family members bailed on the trip and I was stuck footing the bill. I called my Travel Agent in a panic and she worked for hours to change the tickets to another relative’s name and we ended up having a wonderful trip. Read more...

Teri Zeman | Saskatoon, SK

TravelMasters | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

My Travel Agent is the Best Travel Agent!! She has managed our travel for many years including air; car and hotel rentals. It's so Great to just leave it all up to her. She knows our tastes and our expectations and has never let us down. I have recommended her to many friends and always ask people who book on-line why they wouldn't use a Travel Agent?!  Even short trips to Calgary or Edmonton I call my Travel Agent to manage it. It's comforting to know all the little details are looked after - she knows what additional insurance; cancellation or health etc. that we will need because she knows us so well. We are fortunate to have such an experienced Agent who takes care of us as if we were her own family.

Joanne Kachur | Saskatoon, SK

Marlin Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

You never know when you are going to need your Travel Agent. Some people think that they could book online and manage their own interests when they travel. But over the last 7 years our Travel Agent from Marlin Travel in Saskatoon, SK has been so helpful to my family over the course of about a dozen out of country trips. She helped us iron out the kinks in our travel insurance claim on an interrupted and missed flight. She saved us over $1000 USD by contacting a cruise line on our behalf to reimburse us for changes made to the itinerary.  She assisted us with our return arrangements when the airline left us stranded in a strange city at midnight.  And best of all, we can always count on her objective opinion for tours or cruises to guide our choices! Our Travel Agent is a great agent!!

Sharleen Rayner | Saskatoon, SK

Uniglobe Carefree Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I like knowing that I can phone and talk to a person instead of handling everything myself which became very evident in October, 2012,  I, along with my husband and sister-in-law were scheduled to fly out of Saskatoon, via Toronto, New York, to Shannon, Ireland, to welcome our new grandson (1 week old).  We had been monitoring the weather as Hurricane Sandy was building.  Well we all know what happened there. Read more...

Toni Ducklow | Saskatoon, SK

Uniglobe Carefree Travel | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I found my Travel Agent to be very knowledgeable in booking our group vacation to Cuba. Some people were departing out of Regina and others out of Saskatoon. Just to complicate the issue some folks were staying two weeks and others for one week at the all-inclusive resort.  Departures and arrivals were seamless. The group enjoyed their time in Cuba without incident. Our Travel Agent played a large part in making the trip successful. Because we were a large group it would be difficult to book individually. Everything was stress free. 

Joanne Johnston | Prince Albert, SK

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Ontario

I am extremely happy with the service, expertise and efficiency of my experience with my Travel Agent at CWT. She was both excellent and inspirational and pulled together the exact trip I was looking for. She even contacted the resort after our arrival to check that everything was ok. We have agreed to remain in contact and will share experiences with Belize for mutual future benefit to both me and her clients.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Ontario 

I have the best Travel Agent ever. She has helped myself, my parents and many friends book vacations. The experience has always been above my expectations.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Ontario

Thank you to my Travel Agent. I truly appreciate your service as you are extremely professional and efficient and a real pleasure to work with. So I thank you and your time and knowledge is invaluable.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Ontario

Helen , As you may now know, XXXXX passed earlier this morning. Thanks to your efforts my mom had a wonderful visit last night. Kind efforts like this are something that is truly special and that you never forget. Thank-you